Review of Arc’teryx Men’sAtom SL Hoody

Arc’teryx Men’s Atom SL Hoody , Carbon Copy, Medium

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As of the date of this writing the reviews of this item, the  Arc’teryx Men’s Atom SL Hoody, are all favorable, from a low of 3-stars (meaning ‘okay’, to a high of five-stars. In fact, 86% of the reviews are the highest, 5-stars. You can’t get much better than that.

Since the price of this item is a little on the high side (usually $140.51 – $229.00 retail) it might be a smart ting to wait for a sale so you can buy at a lower price. Then again, you might wind up wearing this popular it a lot, so full price might be appropriate.

To get your mind in gear for the great reviews, here is a quote from one of the leading reviews, written by Joseph in February 2017:

Absolutely awesome fitting jacket, trim and modern with great movement. It replaces my fleece stuff, fleece are too bulky, I can pack this and it takes up no space. Awesome quality and worth the price.

Joseph is probably responsible for a lot of sales. His review touches many important bases: fit, style , flexibility, packability, quality and price. Whats not to love?

Other reviewers, like David and Kickz Junkie, are also on the high quality band wagon. Juan, who claims to be very muscular and athletic, raves about the light weight and comfort. He says this hoodie can be worn comfortably inat least tr seasons. It is worth noting that Juan lives in Southern  California, so his idea of three seasons (as well as his idea of winter) might not be the same as the ideas of seasons of someone elsewhere on this planet.

If you want to  read negatives about the Arc’teryx Men’s Atom SL Hoody you won’t find many in the published Amazon reviews. A couple of people suggest that shopping around might lead you to find better prices. Makes sense. Other people say the whole merchandise line sold under the Ar’terx label s a dream. Maybe so. But teachers of spelling might disagree. As it is now, the spelling of the brand name is tortured. You’ve got to be awfully hip to like the name as it is now.

Oh, yes, there is a serious negative written among the reviews. An anonymous reviewer claims the colors ran when the hoodie got wet. That’s a show stopper. If true. But this is quite unlikely. The manufacturer surely checked the color dying for defects. No manufacturer of such a high quality and price brand item would let a running clothing dye out of the factory. I’m in no position to say so for sure, but it’s possible the item whose colors ran is a fake, a cheap knock-off. That’s the price brand name items pay, from Tiffany to Seiko on down. On top of that, I’m pretty sure that any manufacturer f a hig quality product would ruch to replace defective items like this if a buyer makes a complain.

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